True or False: Korean Police HR’s Disciplinary Action Raises Questions
True or False: Korean Police HR’s Disciplinary Action Raises Questions
  • Sohn JiAe Reporter
  • 승인 2020.04.27 18:45
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[KOREA DAILY POST=Reporter Sohn JiAe] The Police Human Resources Development Institute (PHRDI), a police cadet academy based in Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do Province, has been entangled in a scandal over its handling of a feud that occurred between two contract workers.

In November last year, a female worker at the institute disputed with her male coworker over work-related issues and they got into a argue.

A few days after the argument, the male worker requested an investigation for violent against her as he submitted images along with a doctor’s note that showed his wounds. The PHRDI convened its disciplinary committee, which delivered a reprimand to the female employee, based on CCTV footage.

The reprimanded worker filed an appeal against the company’s disciplinary action at the National Labor Relations Commission, denouncing the measure “unfair.”

The commission invalidated the PHRDI’s disciplinary measure against her, on the grounds that the PHRDI action violated the principle of equitable treatment and proper investigative procedure.

An inspector from the PHRDI spoke of the commission’s decision, “The reprimand that we imposed on her is the lowest level of discipline which wouldn’t give her any disbenefits.”

It’s reported that the female worker was so shocked by what happened that she has been undergoing psychiatric therapy.

"Even though a witness claimed that there was no physical violence involved, inspectors turned a deaf ear to the claim and refused to submit CCTV footage captured right after the argument, as well as the witness’ statement. I believe they fabricated the footage for a cover-up,” she said.

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